Companion Films — Our best picks of companion films related to the food, faith, climate connection. These are films that can be used as stand-alone educational tools, or as part of a community screening and discussion.

USDA Food Desert Locator — Do you live in a food desert? Can congregations in your area play a role in bringing healthy food to those within your community? Check the food desert map and then look on to see if there are local, organic farms in your area. Consider becoming a weekend or weekday hub for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or host a Farmer’s Market if your congregation has room.

Organic Wine and Bread — The Archbishop of Canterbury announced that Anglicans would be using organic bread and wine for Holy Communion in response to the environmental crisis. Find organic alter wines, Mazah, and communion wafers by following this link.

Beeswax Candles — Green your gathering even more by using 100% beeswax table candles at your Cool Harvest potluck, to replace traditional, petroleum-based candles.

Wall Calendars — Attractive and fun wall calendars to provide daily reminders about eating more sustainably, and supporting local agriculture.