Food Films

Perhaps your faith community has made significant strides in responding to global warming — energy efficiency, solar panels, grounds and water projects. But what about food? Has your community connected the food, faith, and climate dots? If not, a food movie screening and talk might be just the ticket!

Modern agribusiness — that favors toxic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, GMO foods (genetically modified), distant farm-to-plate transportation, and the factory farming of animals — exacts a heavy toll on the atmosphere. It is estimated that nearly one-fifth of climate change pollution comes from the food industry.

In addition to being a wonderful educational tool, documentary films have the power to emotionally motivate people to change their behavior. If we all changed the way we eat, it would have a significant impact on climate change.

Follow this 5-easy step guide to plan and host your own Cool Harvest Movie Kit. It’s fun, it’s easy, and can even be combined with our Cool Harvest Potluck Kit, for dinner and movie.