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Sow a Cool Harvest has an organic gardening focus for faith communities that are interested in participating in the local, healthy food movement in response to climate change. Don’t have the space or time for a garden? There are other tips you can use, such as, how to green your pantry or host a local farmers’ market. Suggested DVD – DIRT! The Movie (85 min.). DIRT! takes you inside the wonders of the soil. It tells the story of Earth’s most valuable and under appreciated source of fertility–from its miraculous beginning to its crippling degradation, and the emerging appreciation of beauty, power and wisdom of dirt, and the mutually beneficial relationship we can have with soil.

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Enjoy a Cool Harvest is our entry-level “potluck dinner and a movie” program for faith communities to gently raise awareness about the rather large, but not often discussed, connection between our daily food choices and global warming. Suggested DVD – Nourish (30 min.). With beautiful visuals and inspiring stories, Nourish traces our relationship to food from a global perspective to personal action steps. Nourish illustrates how food connects to such issues as biodiversity, climate change, public health, and social justice. DOWNLOAD FOOD CHOICES KIT