October 5, 2016

Iowa IPL’s Food • Faith • Climate program

Our food choices are connected to climate change. When we sit down to dinner, we may not think about global warming, but as much as one third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are connected to our food system.

Each of us, at every meal, can make a real difference that ensures a more climate-friendly food system. Fortunately the ethical choices are also pleasurable choices that will improve the health of the planet and our bodies!  Iowa IPL’s Food • Faith • Climate 90-minute workshop provides you with tools for Connecting the Dots in your home, congregation, and community.

We look at how our food practices contribute to climate change, and how our faith traditions call us to respond with practical solutions. Then we examine our own food practices and create a plan for more climate-friendly actions. Each workshop also features the opportunity to get to know the local farmers who provide a tasty sample of their wares.

In Feb of 2016, 100 people attended the Food • Fatih • Climate workshop in Dubuque, Iowa at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Presentation. Young and old alike delved deep into discussion about the connections between our food practices and climate change, and examined their various faith traditions’ statements on the topic. All enjoyed the many booths of local food providers and tastes of fresh, local food, including local honey. It was a sweet event!

Here are some comments by Jake, a college athlete participant:
I learned that one very simple way to cut down on foods with a more negative impact on the climate is to consider taking part in Meatless Mondays! I know that not long ago, I would have thought that not eating meat for a day was ridiculous. I’d heard of fellow students on campus advocating for others to join them in committing to beginning their week without meat. I think my issue was simply: Why? What will that change? I am a person who needs to know why I am doing something before I do it.  After learning the positive impact that Meatless Mondays can have on the climate, I am convinced that a small, small change on my part can make a difference and I’m glad to do it.

Everyone went home with a personal action plan in hand to post on the fridge to remind them of their pledge to reduce their carbon foodprint. And Jake of course, pledged to eat vegetarian on Mondays!

Read more about the program in the Iowa IPL site


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