Faith Garden Stories
One of the first steps in creating a garden is planning. As you imagine and consider what type of garden your congregation might like to create, we thought it would be helpful and inspirational to include real garden success stories from our very own Interfaith Power & Light Cool Congregations. IPL’s Cool Congregations Challenge has a category every year for “Sacred Grounds Steward” and these entries were the cream of the crop.

Organic Gardening Primer
Organic gardening is an excellent way to respond to climate change and it’s better for your health and the environment.

Creating a Raised Bed Garden
Raised beds reduce soil compaction, create good drainage, and provide a clearly defined area in which to improve soil. They can also reduce water consumption and often produce a higher yield in the same amount of space. Further, they can be built in a way that makes your garden accessible for persons with limited mobility.

Sacred Seeds
When getting ready to sow your garden, it’s important to understand the differences between available seeds. Learn the pros and cons of hybrid seeds, heirloom seeds, and GMO seeds.

Making a Worm Compost Bin
Composting with red worms is great first compost bin for those interested in learning how to compost. And kids love worms! By letting worms eat your food wastes, you’ll end up with one of the best soil amendments available—worm castings.