What Congregations Can Do

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 7.47.38 AMOrganize a film screening and Cool Potluck event.
Host a film screening and cool potluck event. You would be amazed at how many people will perk up when the conversation turns to food! Sustainable, healthy food is a hot topic these days, and people want to learn more, especially if they can join in activities with others. Offer tables outside the screening venue for local farmers, CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture), grocery stores, non-profits, etc. to share their message and/or goods with your members. They might even be interested in participating in an after-film discussion panel. Click here for tips on hosting a Cool Potluck, and check out our list of companion films.

Look for the food connection around holy days of feasting or fasting.
Capitalize on the food restrictions inherent on fasting holy days to discuss the ethics and faith-based principles in restricting certain foods. This might include activities/education around reducing meat (and dairy) consumption; or having a “carbon fast” to increase awareness about food choices and how they impact the climate. Days of feasting could be used to teach how food celebrations can go hand-in-hand with the topic of filling one’s tummy while at the same time leaving a small carbon “foodprint” and why that’s important.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 7.47.48 AMConsider climate-friendly food and supplies.
Check to see if your food and sacrament purchases are climate-friendly. The
Archbishop of Canterbury announced that Anglicans would be using organic bread
and wine for Holy Communion. Examine if your sacramental foods, wine, baked goods,
coffee and cream are locally sourced and organic. Reduce waste by using reusable,
recyclable, or compostable cups and napkins. Be sure to let your members know! Your actions to help heal the climate provide an important role model for congregants.

Plant an organic garden or becoming the hub of an organic Farmers’ Market or CSA.
These are all activities that will bring members closer together and help them to make the food, faith, climate connection. Visit the “Garden” section of this website to get started, or download our Sow a Cool Harvest kit.