October 3, 2016

Celebrating and reflecting on our food



Fall is upon us. As we prepare for the winter we reap the bounty of the season. Fall is a time to not only gather our harvest but a time to bring family and friends close to celebrate all the earth provides. This is also a time we reflect upon our food systems how they bring us together, how they affect the climate and what role we play.

This year Cool Harvest will spend the next two weeks exploring the topic of food and climate. It jump start conversations and inspire ways your faith community can make small changes in the way you interact with food to make a big difference in our climate.

Learn how:

– Faith communities built community gardens that brought local food to people in need and taught children about agriculture

– Learn about food swamps

– How antibiotic use in livestock is changing in this country and what we still need to do

– What has happened to food waste when we label produce as ugly

– How gardens can bring a community together

– Inspirational stories from our Cool Congregations Challenge


Come back every day for a new post about food and climate. Download a Cool Harvest Potluck Kit and host an event with family, friends, and your faith community to talk about what we all can do to change how we buy, grow, eat and share our food.

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