October 7, 2016

Arkansas IPL and the Promise Garden


Arkansas IPL has partnered with GardenCorps, Ark. Community Foundation, The Team of Neighbors That Love, and volunteers from Little Rock area churches at the Promise Garden in a low-income neighborhood for the past year. They brought in a dump truck load of soil, planted crops, added mulch, pulled weeds, watered, harvested, offered cooking classes, cooked together, shared meals, and saved seeds for the next planting season.
They  expanded and improved a chicken coop. We added 20 chickens that lay eggs. Neighbors who work in the garden take home the produce and the eggs.

In conjunction with the garden, Ark. IPL donated gift bags with CFL bulbs, power strips, faucet aerators, and socket sealers to clients of the Food Pantry at the 12th St. Clinic. Our partners were Ark. University for Medical Sciences and Vacation Bible School at 2nd Presbyterian Church in Little Rock.


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